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Secretary 2000

The Secretary 2000 is an advanced and professional window-based software application designed for secretarial firms (company secretary) to systematically and effectively handle, manage the corporate company’s profiles and statutory status. It can powerfully integrate, compile, analyze, transfer and display data into practical statutory forms, resolutions and documents in a quality and professional presentation that is conformed to the local ROC rules and regulations.

Unlike using conventional method of storing company statutory records in cabinets, files and books, its smart event-driven features allow you to speedily and efficiently perform all the essential and time-consuming tasks associated with corporate management at your finger tips, thereby leaving you more time to do strategic planning on ‘real business’. So far, Secretary 2000 is very well received for its system stability & user-friendliness.

Product Overview

Event Driven
User will only need to know what event to perform (e.g appointment of director), type in the relevant information, Secretary 2000 will automatically generate all the forms and documents involved.

Central Database
Avoiding the duplicate and redundancy information input into the system and fast manipulation and audition of the Corporate Profiles information.

Portfolio Event
Secretary 2000 allows user to simultaneously create, update and print a particular event for multiple companies, e.g change of register office address or officer passport no representative to a group of subsidiary companies.

Fast Record Searching & Retrieval
Secretary 2000 furnishes multiple searching fields for users to search and retrieve complicated database records.

Multiple Grouping Field
Secretary 2000 provides multiple grouping fields for users to group the database records.

Outstanding Event Listing
Secretary 2000 is capable of reminding users on all the un posted event records.

Built In Document Management System
Secretary 2000 manages the documents by corporate company, event and date. It allows company secretary to view and print previously field documents without worrying of having to manage them individually.

Full Set Of Event
Secretary 2000 enables company secretary to perform company operation on virtually every aspect of the secretarial practices.

Flexible and Customizable Forms
Secretary 2000 permits various forms, business letters, documents (including share certificates) to be fully integrated to Microsoft Word and data to be produced in high quality output.

Secretary 2000 offers simple intuitive data entry screen and provides look-up window for invalid field data entered.

Deadline Monitoring Report
An enhanced feature from Secretary 2000 to help user monitor on the status of each corporate company and reduces incidences such as “overlook”, “forgotten” as the system is complimented by the system to schedule daily work.

Additional Event Creation
Secretary 2000 offers the flexibility in allowing user to create new event and assign required forms and resolutions to cater for any ad-hoc events.

Security Control
Secretary 2000 accepts the company to assign different access rights to all potential users.

Record Lock
Secretary 2000 is equipped with additional security-related feature to prevent posted records from unwanted deletions and modifications of records by unauthorized personnel.

Share Certificate Transfer
Secretary 2000 is also ready to handle the transfer and consolidation of share certificate without the process of splitting the share certificate.

Backup And Restore Utility
Secretary 2000 extends to the user the backup or restore of inactive or reactive corporate company’s records. User may also do inter-transfer of records to home computers.

Secretary Licenses Reminder
Company secretary will be alerted on the license expiry reminders by the system.

Online User Manual
An easy step by step user manual to guide the user through the entire process of forming a company, registering existing company, performing daily and annual events. The manual is even complemented by extensive graphics and flowchart presentation. You are not only reducing the training time for a junior secretary but also your junior can actually enjoying the exciting learning process now!

Secretary 2000 can be installed in a networked environment. It was designed for single and multiple users.

Secretary 2000 comes with e-mail support. We accept cheque, bank draft or postal order/money and telegraphic transfer.