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Sterling Expose
Sterling Expose - Automotive

Attract your target audience with our flat panel high resolution display that are strategically positioned for maximum coverage. Engage your target audience with informative, useful and entertaining content with real-time and interactive community Enable real-time marketing, and get your message across with complete marketing that allow our audience to see-hear-touch-

What is displayed?

•    Status of vehicle which show car registration number, estimated completion time of finishing the work, the vehicle status, the model and also any      remarks can be display such as please proceed to counter 2 for payment or thank you Mr.Lee, please come again.

•    Creating unique and strong CI - Very unique and strong corporate image for the Service and Sales Centre. Customers will have a high perception      towards these service centres as it creates image, consistently updating hence customers are well inform.

•    All these updating to the TV screens are integrated from our intelligent and capable Sterling 2S and Sterling 3S.

How Effective is Sterling Expose?

•    High incidence of viewership ( 74% noticed and 55% watched)

•    High level of acceptance (75% enjoyed watching while waiting)

•    Nearly half noticed any of the ads unaided

Who hangs out at car service centres?

•    High proportion of PMEBs (43% for customers vs 38% Klang Valley population)

•    Higher proportion from more affluent households (those who can afford car of a certain budget)

•    Higher proportion with access to internet

•    Higher ownership and strong buying power for various products or services (to include graphs)

•    Higher proportion with interest in leisure products (to include graphs)

Sterling Expose Network

•    A network of high resolution flat screen TVs in multiple reputable car service centres

•    In high-traffic locations that provide a medium that attracts, entertains, informs and influences targeted audience in a relaxed, comfortable and sociable      setting.

•    Dynamic engaging content with real-time ads, community messages, contests, entertaining video clips, trivia and blog submissions.

•    Reaches up to 1 million target audiences monthly with large number of viewers of car owners in various brands at multiple locations.

•    Multiple dedicated high resolution flat screens with sophisticated player software and connected by broadband.